Retrospective on R&S 2023


Coinciding with the hottest day of the year, we nevertheless had an impressive turnout of enthusiastic riders and striders, all battling the heat in their own inimitable ways for Ride and Stride 2023. We raised more money than last year – a 13% increase – thanks to everyone’s efforts and by the participation of several more organised groups than in the past. It was a great day, enjoyed by many, and raised in excess of £27,000. Additional activities (coffee mornings, tower tours, used book sales, tea parties) increased funds raised. This year I was very much involved with St John and St Erconwald in Ingatestone, where we held a parish tea party and sale of cakes and second-hand books – our select group of workers had a great time and doubled the money raised on the day. We hope more churches might be able to consider arranging events to coincide with Ride and Stride 2024.